Your Favorite Foods Just Plant-Based, A How-To Guide

Common misconceptions plague the plant-based lifestyle. Those considering a plant-based diet are often concerned with how their new daily routine will look. Will I be subjected to bowls of lettuce and slices of avocado? How will my kids ever stomach eating only vegetables every day? These are fair questions, easily answered by experts in the field committed to providing straightforward plant-based information. No, you will not only be eating bowls of lettuce. In actuality, the recipes you’ve loved for most of your life are not only achievable but more easily executed on a plant-based lifestyle. The trick to pulling off plant-based success is to establish a few techniques that easily translate to your favorite non-plant-based recipes. For years I mastered my craft in the Kansas City BBQ scene. Once improvement to my health became imperative, I used what I already knew and applied that to plant-based ingredients. The results were remarkable; my health issues, which were many, were completely reversed. Here I’ll demonstrate the simplicity of how plant-based BBQ can transform your diet.

Everybody Loves Tacos

Has a statement ever been more true? Tacos are the food enjoyed by most due to their ease and versatility. It’s likely that most home cooks have many variations on their favorite taco – beef, chorizo, etc. I’ve established a delicious plant-based option for the taco-lover that will undoubtedly appease even the pickiest eater. 

Jackfruit is the quintessential plant-based food. Given its versatility, jackfruit allows the home cook to completely transform their favorite recipes into plant-based friendly. With this product, it’s possible to smoke, pull and sauce – exactly like your favorite pulled pork. This pulled-jackfruit recipe is perfect for taco night, a pizza party, or backyard bbq.

Once you’ve mastered this recipe, plant-based meal options become endless.

BBQ Ribs, Anyone?

My love for BBQ goes without saying. When my health reached the danger zone, I knew my diet had to change, but omitting the foods I loved the most was not an option. Many hours of research went toward developing methods that allow the plant-based cook to maintain the textures and flavors so familiar to them – BBQ included. I created plant-based BBQ ribs from the soy product Tempeh. This product is a sponge for flavor and reminds me of all the reasons I love BBQ. Tempeh maintains the smokiness that BBQ rib lovers crave and is an ideal vessel for your favorite plant-based BBQ sauce.

Along with a few side dishes, these ribs will put the exclamation point on a perfect plant-based meal!

Smoked BBQ Chickn, A Sunday Tradition

Part of the enjoyment derived from cooking comes from the traditions surrounding large meals and family gatherings. Growing up in Kansas City, Sunday BBQ was a must and smoked chicken was always on the menu. This Sunday tradition never escaped my home, especially after switching to a plant-based diet. My recipe for Smoked BBQ Chickn is a prime example of the ease in which everyday recipes can be modified to fit your new lifestyle. With this recipe, family traditions are here to stay.

Utilize this recipe any time the craving for BBQ creeps in. There is no reason why this technique cannot be executed and enjoyed weekly by your entire family. Not only will you be establishing healthful habits, but reinventing the way in which you think about food as well.

Anything On The Side?

The side dish could easily be considered the most important part of the meal. With a plant-based diet, you are not relegated to bland salads or raw carrots on the side of each meal. In order to guarantee plant-based success, you must stick to what you love. In Kansas City, we eat Baked Beans, Cream Corn, and Cole Slaw. Every meal, all year, rain or shine; these side dishes are an absolute must. Luckily for you, these dishes are so easily recreated to fit your new plant-based diet. Again, stick to what you love and you will achieve success.

Easy Enough?

I’ve now revealed precisely my methods for healthy, everyday plant-based cooking. Not only are these recipes used on a daily basis, but with them, I totally overhauled my chronic health problems. Using these recipes, you can now create (at least) ten of your favorite meals in a way that promotes ideal health and peace of mind. Don’t sacrifice your favorite flavors or your favorite dishes. Instead, enhance what you already know, elevate your cooking to the plant-based way, and reap the extraordinary benefits.

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