Where To Start? 3 Ways To Achieve Successful Plant Based BBQ

Approaching a plant-based diet is admittedly daunting. The internet is a place where massive amounts of information are accessed on the drop of a dime, but that fact can easily overwhelm the Plant-Based BBQ newbie. With endless lists of bland recipes, opposing opinions, and general misinformation, sticking to a plant-based diet can seem impossible. Fortunately, Plant-Based BBQ offers a straightforward solution to all of those concerns. Conquering the bland problem most plant-based recipes seem to have is the greatest achievement of Plant-Based BBQ. The smoky and sweet flavors beloved by most provide a path for delicious plant-based success. However, the general consensus seems to be that imparting genuine smokey flavor without the use of the terrible liquid smoke seasoning is next to impossible. I’m here to tell you that 100% is not the case! Barbecue is and should remain uncomplicated to achieve and, believe it or not, Plant-Based BBQ makes the process even simpler.

1. Learn From The Best

To begin your Plant-Based BBQ journey, it’s beneficial to learn from those of us who have expertise in the BBQ field. The main benefit of Plant-Based BBQ is the ease in which you’re able to mimic the techniques of traditional BBQ and apply them to your plant-based menu. The process of smoking, seasoning, and sauces is virtually identical whether or not you’re using pork or seitan. Don’t let the presence of meat in an expert BBQ recipe deter you from applying the methods to your favorite plant-based products. The beauty of this style of cooking is in the adaptability and experimentation, so have fun with it!   

Gathering knowledge here-and-there from experts in any given field is helpful but, in the realm of Plant-Based BBQ, it’s a must. Providing your family with a healthful meal or catering a wedding becomes more doable learning increasingly from those of us with hands-on experience. The recipes I’ve developed are there to alleviate the stress that comes with exploring a plant-based diet. After taking a look at these recipes and exploring other tricks of the trade, fear of the unknown subsides. I implore you to follow these steps, read the methods, and utilize quality products to reap the benefits more of a mouthwatering Plant-Based BBQ diet.

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2. Gather Your Tools

Pulling off a plant-based meal can seem tricky without high-end kitchen supplies or state of the art gadgets. Luckily, with Plant-Based BBQ, a VitaMix or Kitchen Aid is not necessary. With a few simple tools, proper ingredients, and some expert advice, the home cook or BBQ newbie can establish themselves as a Plant-Based BBQ master. Fussing with giant smoking rigs or dedicating days to a single food item are truths of the past. With the products I’ve developed, along with every-day items found in your kitchen, the home cook can immediately begin experimenting with the numerous Plant-Based BBQ possibilities. 

For a list of my top five favorite BBQ tools, read my blog post here.

3. Use Quality Ingredients

Don’t use liquid smoke. Of all the quality advice I can give to the Plant-Based BBQ newbie, that is the most significant. The temptation to bypass the smoking process and use liquid smoke as a flavor replacement is high for those of us with families and careers. I want to urge you to not give in to that temptation. The time spent researching and developing new and healthy ways to give the consumer a flavorful BBQ experience goes without saying. The Fool’s Gold BBQ Sauce, for example, was created to eliminate the necessity of using commercial BBQ sauces laden with sugars and artificial colorings. More on the development of the sauce in a later blog. 

Fool’s Gold Plant-Based BBQ Sauce

Adapting plant-based ingredients into your BBQ repertoire allows the home cook to expand their horizons. Protein choices are not limited to what was once traditional – pork, beef, etc. The variety of vegetables, beans, and protein-based products outnumbers the ingredients once typically used. Chickpeas, jackfruit, tofu, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash – all readily available ingredients that pair exceptionally well with smokey flavors of BBQ. Not to mention, using these products reduces the overall time spent preparing and cooking a healthy meal. The fun is in the experimentation, and the ingredients are endless. 

Completing a Plant-Based BBQ meal truly is as easy as three steps. With a couple of tools and quality ingredients, every single one of us can tackle the undertaking that is authentic, smokey BBQ. Where to start is up to you, but with these steps, anyone anywhere can begin the journey to a more delicious and healthful BBQ experience.

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