The Ups & Downs of a Successful Career

My career as a computer programmer has brought many blessings into my life. To date, I’ve worked on over 300 technology related projects and built two multi-million dollar companies which allowed me to support my family. 

But it has also led to some downfalls. 

Spending 20 years sitting at a desk triggered my slow and low sedentary lifestyle and caused me to exponentially gain weight. By the time I went to the doctors, I was close to 300 pounds. 

In this episode, I reveal the downsides of being a computer programmer and what my obesity taught me. Along the way, I dive into my passion for solving childhood obesity and unpack the misconceptions of healthy eating. 

Key Moments:

  • How my career fuelled my issues with my weight [2:50]

  • The day I finally went to the doctor [5:05]

  • The lessons obesity has taught me [7:32]

  • The misconceptions around healthy eating [12:30] 

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