The Two Loves of My Life Discovered

College brought love in my life. I met my soul mate on the very first day of college. Fascinated by her polite and friendly behavior, I immediately asked her out. To my surprise, she said yes. 


That may sound like another cliché love story, but it changed the course of my life and career forever. While dating, I got to meet the lovely family of Jen’s, who introduced me to country cookin’!


On weekends we would go to her parents, cook all sorts of food and eat together. That is where I started my love affair with cooking.


Tune in to Learn more about how this knowledge of BBQ and country cookin’ helped me establish my style of cooking and win recognition in the competitive BBQ community of Kansas City.


Key Moments:


  • My first day at college [1:33]
  • Regular weekend trips to Inman, Kansas and how I started taking an interest in cooking [7:02]
  • The hardest thing we ever had to do in our relationship [13:41]
  • What helped me take my BBQ knowledge to the next level [15:46]
  • The humble beginnings of my BBQ champion pedigree [17:44]
  • My experience leading the team for the Corporate Cup [19:19]

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