The story behind losing 120 pounds with just plant-based food

At the age of 44, I was suddenly diagnosed with 6 life-threatening diseases. As if that wasn’t enough, I also was labelled with morbid obesity. At that moment, the only medical decision I could have taken was to have bypass gastric surgery. Now, think about this, everyone who know me knows my passion for BBQ lover; how much of important part for my life this is. Being told that my taste buds might change after surgery was exactly what triggered me into looking for an alternative, which ultimately set me on a path filled with common senses, and of course, plants. Although such radical change seems impossible to believe, I am living proof that, even during hopeless situations, plants have the power to change our lives. Ready to know the secrets behind this amazing transformation? Then, welcome to my four steps video series in which you’ll be listening and learning everything about my physical and mental transformation.

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