The mental process of losing weight with a plant based transformation.

Throughout this series, I talked a lot about dieting, exercise, scheduling, and many other body facts. However, something which I saved for last, and it is probably the most difficult thing to deal with – our battle with our own minds!

During this series, I decided to shoot on my couch because it was literally the place I was as my life was changing. There I was through success, failure, ups and downs. And I have to say, It’s mentally challenging, but I had my couch as my safe therapy space.

From mental anxiety attacks to huge cravings, “panic attacks” are a major enemy to beat as you go through this process. You might be wondering, then how do I do this?…if he is pointing out how difficult it is! Well let me share with you what has worked for me during a panic attack:

  • Make your hard NO’s, even harder!!!. NO EATING. Not even a piece of lettuce. It doesn’t matter if you are hungry…….remember I said you that you were going to feel hungry sometimes.
  • No exercise! small walks to relax are ok. But, it is very important for you not to exercise.
  • I want to stress this as much possible. Stay offline! You will end up feeling more confused or stressed.
  • Pray: Whatever this means for you. Just direct that energy towards something that can uplift your
  • Cry: Yeah, that’s right. You can cry! I have done it myself, it is really liberating
  • Go watch a movie (just don’t eat popcorn)
  • Get up and dance! if you come so far, you have reason to dance.

From my therapy couch, I just want to say that whatever seem difficult today, it will be your biggest reward tomorrow. I lost 120 pounds and reversed 6 life-threatening diseases and I can guarantee that I am living a brand new life. Apply the four steps, believe in your possibilities and take the chance to change your life!!!

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