How I turned Award-Winning BBQ Sauce and Rubs into Amazing Plant based sauces and rubs

Adopting a plant-based diet and reaping the extraordinary benefits that come along with it was no small feat. A total shift in mindset was vital to correct the damage I’d done to my health. Months – even years – of research and development was obligatory to fine-tune the healthful, plant-based recipes I use today. Like most monumental undertakings; though, the hard work was imperative and well worth it. The results are what I present to you today: a series of plant-based products lacking not in flavor. However, these products do benefit from the lack of harmful ingredients found in most commercially manufactured BBQ sauces and dry rubs. With decades of BBQ experience, my goal was to provide the plant-based cook with tools necessary to create a bold and authentic BBQ flavor.

The Sauce

Perhaps my most meaningful contribution to the Plant-Based BBQ sphere. The Fool’s Gold Plant-Based BBQ Sauce is a testament to how quality ingredients react in recipes. My approach when developing this sauce was deconstruction. Carefully examining my well-established BBQ sauce recipe, I determined which essential elements needed altering. The flavor of my original sauce wasn’t the issue, being worked and re-worked since adolescence, I had no doubts. By the time I realized changing my diet was imperative to my health, my original sauce had earned many prizes in the competitive BBQ scene. I knew then I had a good jumping-off point, but making the health-driven refinements required critical experimentation.   

I began by identifying the problem areas – accessive sugars, high-fructose corn syrups, salt, and artificial colorings – and the experiments commenced! Determined to maintain the ‘Kansas City’ flavor everyone loves in their BBQ sauce, I searched for substitutes for the less-than-desirable ingredients. For example, I omitted all refined sugars from the Fool’s Gold Sauce. For sweetness, I decided on using Demerara Sugar instead – a less processed sugarcane product with traces of molasses – to retain the depth of flavor typical brown sugar imparts. Onward with the plant-based improvements, I removed ingredients entirely. Honey and artificial caramel coloring would have no place in the Fool’s Gold Sauce. I also noticed the excessive levels of high-fructose corn syrup found in most of the leading BBQ sauce brands. I was certain Fool’s Gold had to improve. To ensure corn syrup was nonexistent in the sauce, I removed ketchup. The acidic tomato flavor would come directly from the tomatoes, I decided.

With every revision made to my original sauce recipe, it was essential to keep the main objective in mind – create a healthy, tasty, and original sauce that pairs flawlessly with any plant-based product. Fool’s Gold Plant-Based BBQ Sauce does just that. After an arduous testing process, I’m elated by Fool’s Gold impact on plant-based foods.  Whether you’re smoking seitan or making pulled Jackfruit sandwiches, this sauce will elevate all plant-based dishes.

The Dry Rubs, Salts, and Seasonings

The journey toward health begins by precisely examining what it is you’re eating. Being a BBQ aficionado and facing six fatal diseases, I was conflicted. Not wanting to give up the sweet and smokey flavors of classic BBQ, I sought other solutions for myself and others. I then looked at my dry rub recipe.

The leading dry rubs on the market today contain up to 75% salt, anti-caking agents, and preservatives. I needed to create an alternative. Following my method of deconstruction used for the Fool’s Gold Sauce, I omitted the undesirable ingredients and focused on flavor alone. The Fool’s Gold Plant-Based Dry Rubs not only are sodium-free but contain the highest quality spices I could curate. I procured Lumbre chili powder from New Mexico and Kanoradian Cayenne powder to establish the depth of flavor unseen on the shelves at grocery stores.  Producing these dry rubs was a thoughtful process, the variety being a top priority. In using these dry-rubs, seasoning your favorite plant-based products become effortless. A light sprinkle of Fool’s Gold Smoked Applewood Salt will transform your tempeh ribs, trust me!

Mission Accomplished

Barbecue is a desirable food attributed to its balance of flavors – smokey, spicy, and sweet. Maintaining that balance was paramount when developing these products. Sacrificing flavor for your health is no longer required, and I’m here as proof. Plant-Based BBQ and the Fool’s Gold products permit the health-conscious foodie to continue enjoying the flavors so familiar to them. For the Plant-Based BBQ newbie, using these products guarantees ease and adaptability in your trek toward health and flavorful cooking. The Fool’s Gold Plant-Based products are intended to introduce variety, so fire up your smoker and start experimenting!

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