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“Brian is one of the best technical and business minded people I know. I would be honored to work with him on any project. He’s also uniquely multi-talented in myriad fields including professional sports and gourmet cooking, and he’s one of the most generous and kind people you’ll ever meet”.

Toby Krout
Chief Executive Officer at Boomtown Accelerators
Brian Was Recently Featured in "Forks Over Knives", the most popular Plant-Based Magazine in The World 

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Brian Rodgers is widely considered the world’s foremost expert on Plant Based BBQ and creator of the first-ever complete line of BBQ sauces & rubs made specifically for this new, healthy food category.

He’s a respected Pitmaster in the BBQ community after repeatedly dominating competitions with his award-winning recipes year after year.

At only age 44, Brian was suddenly diagnosed with SIX life-threatening diseases and labelled morbidly obese.

While determined to beat death, he refused gastric bypass surgery and instead relied on his 30 years’ BBQ experience and his unique knowledge of plant-based food to literally heal himself. Miraculously, within just 6 short months, Brian was off all medications, reversed all six diseases and had lost an astonishing 120 pounds!

While family and friends were overjoyed, they weren’t surprised either. Brian’s also a successful entrepreneur, software architect, bioHacker, investor, author and philanthropist. After selling two multi-million dollar companies he founded, Brian is sought after for private consulting and to speak with audiences of pitmasters, restaurateurs, schools & families and health enthusiasts around the globe.

what People  Say?

I count myself very lucky to know Brian Rodgers and have worked with him on several projects. He is one of a small number of people that I can breath a sigh of relief once something is in his hands because I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will be on time, over-deliver and keep a sense of humor throughout! I don't think he sleeps because he is always doing cool things both professionally and personally... If dependable, smart, problem solver is on your list to work with, you will want to know Brian.

Jennifer Ferguson
Founder at Wonder Tours

Brian is a consummate professional and a wealth of knowledge. I was lucky to find him on Instagram searching for #veganbbq. I was impressed by his cooking videos, his products and his story. I love BBQ but I am plant-based. I am launching a plant-based, gluten-free BBQ joint in NYC and needed an authentic pitmaster to bring to life plant-based BBQ recipes. Brian has been an amazing consultant and advocate for BBQ in general and vegan BBQ in particular (he lost 120 lbs switching to plant-based BBQ). It has been a fun challenge for us both to also make the recipes gluten-free with little to no soy. It has been a joy working with him and I look forward to continuing our relationship.

Kerry Fitzmaurice
Founder at Pure Grit BBQ

You may hear stories of the elusive 10X engineer, or cofounder; Brian is that person. He has the ability find solutions to problems from both business and technical approaches, and then is able to execute on those solutions in such a way that entire engineering teams can't. Hence the 10x: he could easily replace a team of 5- 10 engineers as far as high quality, impactful work goes. I would recommend him for any team, technical or otherwise.

Jose Vieitez
Co-Founder, Director, at Boomtown Accelerators

Brian brought a balance of passion, excellence and empathy to his Boomtown cohort that created a lasting impact that brought the teams closer together as well as challenged them to be better. He accepts nothing but the best and will challenge his and other's biases to discover that which he does not yet know. I look forward to seeing where he takes the company.

Erin Stadler
Interim Managing Director of The Farm at The Farm - Atlanta

Brian probably has the highest level of integrity, strength of character and technical abilities in the whole world of software startups! Brian is incredible and #OneInAMillion.

Carl T Roberts
Founder/CEO at Appraisals For Less & SplitSmart.com

Brian is one of the best technical and business minded people I know. I would be honored to work with him on any project. He's also uniquely multi-talented in myriad fields including professional sports and gourmet cooking, and he's one of the most generous and kind people you'll ever meet.

Toby Krout
Chief Executive Officer at Boomtown Accelerators

I worked with Brian at the Boomtown accelerator. At every one of our meetings, I was astounded by how quickly Brian was able to prototype his ideas and take action. In my experience, it is incredibly rare to find someone with developer skills who is so entrepreneurial and business savvy. Usually, you get an entrepreneur or a developer; Brian is both. As you can imagine he's super-talented when it comes to API Development, Python, and pretty much anything in the Fintech space. If you get the chance to work with Brian, in any capacity, I highly recommend it.

Michael Howard
Co-Founder at CardSnoop

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