Smoked Tofu Burnt Ends

Timing can sometimes be an issue while preparing some BBQ recipes. I know this very well, and that’s why this week main dish features a quick Tofu recipe. Now, since I understand Tofu might not really be for everyone, or at least not regular tofu, I created a special version of this dish, using my experience as America’s Plant-based BBQ expert, to make it likeable for anyone who tries it. Smoked Tofu Burnt Ends is this week’s video in which, as usual, I’ll be sharing his secret for another delicious dish.




1 tablespoon all-purpose competition rub OR Tofu rub

¼ teaspoon of smoked hickory salt

1 tablespoon of demerara sugar

Fool’s gold BBQ sauce


For complete instructions and tips on how to prepare Smoked Tofu Burnt Ends check my  latest video on my YouTube channel.


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