Here we are with another amazing base recipe. This time is really special because you will be learning how to include beans in your dishes. If you think of chickpeas as a single ingredient, it might not be that exciting. However, if you think of all the dishes you can prepare with it, that is a different call. I use them for everything, tacos, burritos, BBQ hummus (Yes, you read that right). Taco Tuesday is a tradition that I kept during my plant-based transition because of Smoked Chickpeas. I will show how simple the process is, and the secret “weapons” that come handy while preparing chickpeas.




    1 Chickpeas/ garbanzo beans can (no salt added/low salt/) – Remember to reserve the water in the can.

    1 tablespoon chickpeas/mushrooms rub

    1 tablespoon of demerara sugar

    1/4 teaspoon hickory salt


Remember a good rub is a key to an amazing BBQ. Now, everything is ready for the smoker (1 hour and 15 minutes) All that is left is a little time in a pan, over or air fryer. Of course, don’t forget the touch of Fool’s Gold plant-based BBQ sauce. Are you curious about this dish? Well, let’s dig into it, check my latest video where I show you the steps to prepare your own world-class Smoked chickpeas.

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