Introduction & Why You Should Listen to The Next Thing Smokin’

Welcome to The Next Thing Smoking Podcast with Brian Rodgers and Friends.

I started this podcast because I want to share exactly how I was able to lose 120 pounds and heal myself from six life threatening diseases in six months, all thanks to Plant Based BBQ.

When I was 44 years old and weighing in at 300 pounds, my doctor told me I had three options:

1)Do nothing and ride out the rest of my (short) lifespan
2)Undergo gastric bypass surgery to reset my health & life
3)Completely overhaul my diet through massive lifestyle changes

At first, I was completely ready to undergo gastric bypass surgery…until my doctor said I would no longer be able to eat BBQ anymore. This was a complete deal breaker for me!

Instead of the surgery, I decided to focus on my 30 years worth of BBQ experience to overhaul my diet and heal myself. Through this experience, I discovered the full potential of what a Plant Based BBQ can do for your body. Now, I’m dedicated to getting my message out there and helping you discover the health and lifestyle benefits of Plant Based BBQ.

Tune in to this special introductory episode to learn more about my story, the type of industry experts I will be inviting onto the show, and why I truly believe in Plant Based BBQ.

Key Moments:

●The moment that started it all [3:15]
●The friends I will be inviting onto the show [8:26]
●Why I love Plant Based BBQ [9:51]

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