How to start the transformation with just plant-based food

After fighting almost my entire life with weight problems, I finally found a simple solution that came from an unexpected situation. Facing the idea that my taste buds might have changed, gave me the motivation to look for an alternative. To start with, I worked out the idea of using frameworks to organize his rules. In “real life” I work as a computer program. That is where the idea of using “frameworks” comes from.  The frameworks include a set of steps that help you to walk towards your walk in a consistent now. 


– HARD NOES – What thing you can’t even consider 

– COMMON SENSE – There’s always a better choice 

– CALORIES COUNTING – Huge controversy, but there are reasons to include this.



There are other things that are also important. Don’t kid yourself that means no cheat days. The key is to fall in love with what you eat! Without any excuse. Though it is hard to think about this, there are a couple of tools that might be handy.  First, there is much information about plant-based diets. Take advantage of it. Variety might not come from your imagination, but there are many resources to get it from. Secondly, how to start?  Rearrange your meals in a way that fits your new lifestyle.  


Remember that the longest journey beings with a single step, and here is Brian to help you take that very first step. Join my latest video and enjoy a deeper explanation on this journey that you will surely love.

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