How to keep a consistent weight and lifestyle after reaching your weight loss goal.

After four videos, you already know how I got to lose 120 pounds and revert 6 life-threating diseases. I really hope that was enough to inspire you to make better choices. But, what about now? Many of us need to adjust our diet and habits to reach our goals. What comes afterward, I define it as a lifestyle.

Four months into my transformations, I had already lost a lot of weight. But suddenly, I started feeling some tingling pain in my back and legs, and it just got worse and spread with time. Even with the supplements, I started believing that I was deficient in some vitamins. It came the time to think about the worse, it became clear that I might have been having symptoms of multiple sclerosis. After thinking about so many things that could have been causing these symptoms, I analyzed what I was doing differently, and along with doctors and specialists, we worked out that, since I was sitting crossing my legs for long hours, I had entrapped a nerve in my leg. Imagine this, I was doing something I couldn’t do before because I was fat, and consequently, that put me into a state where I had to stop all my habits.

I figured out this would be like any other diet, in which I was to lose all the progress I had obtained since I had to stop all the exercise, that included walking. The only thing I kept consistent was my diet. Three months. Three long months, after which, unfortunately, I gained some weight back. I
gained a total of 1 pound. Yes, 1 pound.

I am not a believer, and I am not a preacher certainly. But this experience is a big proof that to change your life DIET is essential. Plant-based BBQ, Plant-based tacos, Plant-based Chinese food. It doesn’t matter what kind, Plant-based is the key. Now, join me in my latest video where I extend and explain up close what worked for me, and what hopefully will for you as well.


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