Cream Cheese & Green Chile Corn


1 Large Bag of frozen corn (yes, I use frozen corn and yes fresh corn is fine too) 

1 pouch of plant based cream cheese 

22 pound of fresh roasted fresh green chiles diced or 2 small cans of diced green chiles 

172 Tbsp Plant based butter 

1 Tbsp Fool’s Gold Smoked Hickory Salt 

1 Tbsp Fool’s Gold Smoked Tofu Rub 



Mix all of the ingredients together thoroughly in a large mixing bowl 


Refrigerate at least 8 hours or overnight if possible 


colorado Temp: 225 Time: 3-5 hours 

Woods: Very light hickory 


call Temp: 200 or Low 

Time: 4-6 hours 


I like to sprinkle some smoky paprika over the corn before serving or for a kick, sprinkle with some Fool’s Gold Kanarado Cayenne Powder! 


Serve as a side for any dish! I love to use the leftovers in Fool’s Gold BBQ Parfaits, a staple in my plant based bbq cuisine! 

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