Brian Rodgers Makes the Most Amazing Plant Based BBQ Chick’n Pizza

Pizza. It’s one of those meals that spark so many memories. Like when you were a kid and won a game and you’d celebrate with pizza for the whole team. Then there were the days at school, if you had a pizza party, it was because there was something to celebrate. Nowadays, it might mean a quick slice on the way home from a fun night out. Or the easy takeout you order in your first apartment, eating it on the floor of an empty, undecorated, space that will become your home. Maybe your kids are picky eaters but pizza is the one thing you can all agree on. Do you eat everything but the crust? Do you eat it with a fork and knife (please say no)? Are you a fold-in-half-er? Do you benefit from your friend NOT eating the crust, but you love it? If so, win! So much can be said about one meal, and it’s universal.

Making a lifestyle change does not have to mean giving up the foods you love. What’s not to love about pizza – Cheese? Bread? Sauce? Yes, yes, and yes! Unfortunately, all of those ingredients come with a hefty price on our health. Well, good news! We have a recipe for a plant-based BBQ “chick’n” pizza so you can enjoy all the flavor of the classic with a healthy twist. Through this recipe, your craving will be satisfied without the added calories and fat of a traditional pizza.

Using all plant-based ingredients, this vegan, gluten-free and paleo-friendly recipe will be your new favorite! Not only does it check all of the boxes for the health-minded folks, but it will surely be a crowd-pleaser in any setting.

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