Smoked Chickpeas

Here we are with another amazing base recipe. This time is really special because you will be learning how to include beans in your dishes.

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Seitan Brisket

It’s Christmas time! Welcome back to this plant-based space. Today, I will be showing you a brand new dish to kick off this amazing holiday

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BBQ Smoked Apples

When you think of BBQ you won’t probably think of apples. However, today I have a bonus base recipe which will definitely make you see

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How do you get protein?

There is a misconception, which has pretty much turned into a stigma, that proteins come from animals. If you decide to go plant-based, you will

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Coleslaw Plant-based BBQ

Almost every BBQ restaurant around the world has their own take on coleslaw. This time, I decided to give my personal touch to my wife’s

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Smoked Tofu Burnt Ends

Timing can sometimes be an issue while preparing some BBQ recipes. I know this very well, and that’s why this week main dish features a

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Plant-Based BBQ Explained:

It’s…easy! We all love BBQ. We don’t all love the strenuous process it takes to achieve mouthwatering BBQ successfully. Introducing plant-based products – tempeh, seitan,

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