BBQ Smoked Apples

When you think of BBQ you won’t probably think of apples. However, today I have a bonus base recipe which will definitely make you see this ingredient from a whole new perspective. Whether you’re looking for a fast healthy option or just to try something new smoked apples is the perfect choice for you. Yes, you read that right smoked apples! What’s the best thing about this dish? Its protein packed. You’ll just need a few minutes and the following ingredients:


Apples (any kind you like)

1 tablespoon Fool’s gold all-purpose rub 

1 tablespoon and ½ demerara sugar 

¼ teaspoon salt 

About 6 gm. Protein punch (chia seeds / hemp seeds)


Ready to give a BBQ twist to your apples? All you need to do right now is  follow the steps that I explain in the following video.

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