BBQ in The Veins

Anyone who knows me knows I love BBQ.

Even though I’m a professional chef who can cook a wide range of different cuisines, I would choose to eat BBQ for every meal. I also grew up in Kansas City, and everyone knows that BBQ sauce pretty much runs through our veins.

It’s this love for BBQ that motivated me to completely overhaul my lifestyle, work hard to lose weight, and fiercely advocate for Plant Based BBQ.

In this episode, I explore the rich history of BBQ in America and why I love it so much. I also share how I was a huge meat eater and how it set me up to discover Plant Based BBQ.

Key Moments:

  • Why I love BBQ [1:50]
  • The history of BBQ [4:04]
  • How meat based BBQ set me up for Plant Based BBQ [13:32]

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