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Plant Based

Brian Rodgers is widely considered the world’s foremost expert on Plant Based BBQ and creator of the first-ever complete line of BBQ sauces & rubs made specifically for this new, healthy food category.

He’s a respected Pitmaster in the BBQ community after repeatedly dominating competitions with his award-winning recipes year after year.

At only age 44, Brian was suddenly diagnosed with SIX life-threatening diseases and labelled morbidly obese.

While determined to beat death, he refused gastric bypass surgery and instead relied on his 30 years’ BBQ experience and his unique knowledge of plant-based food to literally heal himself. Miraculously, within just 6 short months, Brian was off all medications, reversed all six diseases and had lost an astonishing 120 pounds!

While family and friends were overjoyed, they weren’t surprised either. Brian’s also a successful entrepreneur, software architect, bioHacker, investor, author and philanthropist. After selling two companies he founded, Brian is sought after for private consulting and to speak with audiences of pitmasters, restaurateurs, schools & families and health enthusiasts around the globe.

He now focuses on his mission of spreading the word online and via radio & television appearances about the dangers of childhood obesity and the incredible health & lifestyle benefits of his unique style of Plant Based BBQ.

Brian is a faith-filled and devoted family man living in Colorado with his wife and son where they enjoy skiing, collecting rare sports memorabilia, cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs and backyard BBQs, of course!

Other Interesting Stuff I’ve Done along the way

  • 2 X Baseball Converse Collegiate All America
  • Played in The Cape Cod Baseball League
  • Over 2 Billion Dollars in products and services sold through my companies and projects.
  • Spoken to over 500,000 people
  • Owned a restaurant, catering company, coffee shop and Live music venue
  • Early Investor in over 20 small businesses
  • Married college sweetheart and have been married over 20 years:)
  • Learned to Speed read at age 18 and have read close to 50,000 books
  • Wrote my own scripting language
  • Wrote the first ever online secure mortgage application
  • My Sauce won 1st place in the biggest BBQ competition in the world
  • Created the first ever online fan club for musicians and comedians
  • Built and Successfully Exited Two Multi-Million Dollar Companies

Brian’s Tech Skills

Front End/Back End and other Things I Know like the back of my hand

C++, C#, C, REACT, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, AJAX, ASP.NET, Java, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSON,XML, LAMP Stack, MEAN Stack, Android, Swift, Blockchain, Angular, SASS/LESS, jQuery, Greensock /TimelineMax, three.js, A-frame, AWS (EC2, S3, SQS, DynamoDB), Jenkins, Heroku, Linode, vagrant, puppet, chef, deployment management, versioning, security hotfixes, Coding Standards, Code Auditing, Project Management, Agile / Scrum, TOC Problem Solving

APP Development Skills

ML/AI, Fintech and blockchain applications, Full Range IOS, Android Apps and Native Mobile Responsive apps

Video and Audio Skills

Pro Tools, Abobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro

UX/UI and Graphic Design Skills

Wire frames, UI Prototyping, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects

Social Media/API Development and Integration

Intuit, Stripe, Paypal, Authorize, Coinbase, Venmo, Finicity, Yodlee, Plaid, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Blogger, WordPress, Ebay, Amazon, Zapier, REST or any API or application written in a language I know listed above

Existing CMS and CRM Environments I have worked in and know well

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SalesForce, SugarCRM, Top Producer, Shopify, or any application written in a language I know listed above

Brian’s Cooking and BioHacking Skills

Kansas City BBQ Legend and award winning competition pitmaster with multiple Grand Championships in sauce, Ribs and Pork

#1 Plant based BBQ Expert in the World

Expert Level BioHacker

The Godfather of Plant Based BBQ cuisine

Celebrity Plant Based Chef and Personality

Very.....Very Good Competition Chili Cooker

Food Technology Investor and Advisor (See my tech skills)

Builder of cool smokers both big and small fat and tall

Expert Spice Mixologist

Creator of 1st ever complete line of plant based BBQ sauces and rubs

Professional Caterer to the stars.....and regular folk with a long waitng list!

Professional Recipe Developer

In-Demand Restaurant Consultant

Knife Ninja

Food Product developer and consulatant

Budding Mountain Food Enthusiast

Scavenger of all wood that can produce smoke

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