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Brian Rodgers - Software Architect, Investor, Entrepreneur

Brian Rodgers

Hi I’m Brian!

I build really cool stuff for really cool people and companies. I have done work for the average person with a great idea with no technology skills whatsoever all the way up to large Billion dollar corporations and everything in between. I’m good at what I do, fun to work with and always produce the highest quality work, on time, and at a fair price. I have worked on over 300 technology related projects since 1996 and have even done work for some famous people and companies that are now household names.

I’ve had major success helping others as well as my own projects, including two Multi-Million Dollar exits in 2003 and more recently in 2018. However, for the past 20 years my full time focus has been on developing the technology to support interesting and innovative ideas of both individuals and organizations. I received a CIS degree when CIS degrees barely existed and I continue to learn every new language and technology that comes down the pike. I am probably the most well rounded developer most of my clients have ever worked with as I know just about every language and skill needed for 99.9% of any technology related project.

I currently hold equity and/or ownership positions in 7 tech companies. I am very busy but I always have time for interesting new projects and people, so get in touch and let’s chat!


Brian Rodgers
  • Front End/Back End and other Things I Know like the back of my hand

    C++, C#, C, REACT, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, AJAX, ASP.NET, Java, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSON,XML, LAMP Stack, MEAN Stack, Android, Swift, Blockchain, Angular, SASS/LESS, jQuery, Greensock /TimelineMax, three.js, A-frame, AWS (EC2, S3, SQS, DynamoDB), Jenkins, Heroku, Linode, vagrant, puppet, chef, deployment management, versioning, security hotfixes, Coding Standards, Code Auditing, Project Management, Agile / Scrum, TOC Problem Solving

  • APP Development Skills

    ML/AI, Fintech and blockchain applications, Full Range IOS, Android Apps and Native Mobile Responsive apps

  • Video and Audio Skills

    Pro Tools, Abobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro

  • UX/UI and Graphic Design Skills

    Wire frames, UI Prototyping, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects

  • Social Media/API Development and Integration

    Intuit, Stripe, Paypal, Authorize, Coinbase, Venmo, Finicity, Yodlee, Plaid, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Blogger, WordPress, Ebay, Amazon, Zapier, REST or any API or application written in a language I know listed above

  • Existing CMS and CRM Environments I have worked in and know well

    WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SalesForce, SugarCRM, Top Producer, Shopify,  or any application written in a language I know listed above


Brian Rodgers
  • I worked with Brian as his mentor in the Boomtown accelerator. At every one of our meetings, I was astounded by how quickly Brian was able to prototype his ideas and take action. In my experience, it is incredibly rare to find someone with developer skills who is so entrepreneurial and business savvy. Usually, you get an entrepreneur or a developer; Brian is both. As you can imagine he’s super-talented when it comes to API Development, Python, and pretty much anything in the Fintech space. If you get the chance to work with Brian, in any capacity, I highly recommend it.

    Michael Howard
    Co-Founder/Head of Business Development at TMGA: The Mobile Growth Agency
  • I count myself very lucky to know Brian Rodgers and have worked with him on several projects. He is one of a small number of people that I can breath a sigh of relief once something is in his hands because I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will be on time, over-deliver and keep a sense of humor throughout! I don’t think he sleeps because he is always doing cool things both professionally and personally… If dependable, smart, problem solver is on your list to work with, you will want to know Brian.

    Jennifer Ferguson
    Boulder, CO.
  • I met Brian through Boomtown Startup Accelerator in Boulder, where he was the CTO of Donate Your Change. During that program, he showed great technical expertise in Python and payment processing technologies as well as a solid understanding of the business and user needs that his product needed to fulfill. I still use Brian as the example of how to understand what drives your users, how to measure that, and how to prioritize key metrics that keep your product development focused on optimizing their experience.

    Brian is more than just a good engineer, though, he’s a good man. He got involved with Donate Your Change because he wanted to use technology to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and his attitude reflected that every time I saw him. He works hard to build great products and great relationships.

    Jason Cole
    CEO at Da Primus Consulting
  • You may hear stories of the elusive 10X engineer, or cofounder; Brian is that person. He has the ability find solutions to problems from both business and technical approaches, and then is able to execute on those solutions in such a way that entire engineering teams can’t. Hence the 10x: he could easily replace a team of 5- 10 engineers as far as high quality, impactful work goes. I would recommend him for any team, technical or otherwise.

    Jose Vietez
    Co-Founder, Director, Portfolio Manager at Boomtown Accelerator
  • Rarely do you come across someone who repeatedly executes on point every time. I’ve worked with developers all my professional career and you notice the difference when you see it. He’s more than a Senior Developer as his knowledge bank, his appetite for a challenge and willingness to help shines through. I guess that’s why he’s my goto Solutions Architect, as I know I’ll receive solid advice and spot-on direction on our critical applications.

    Ian Barnor
    Software Product Owner at RS labs • RecruitSumo Inc • SXSW Enterprise & Smart Data Nominee
  • Brian is all around brilliant in his profession. Creativity is what he breathes in and out making the world a better place.
    Oh and the best BBQ chef and a sense of humor that never ends.  f you don’t know Brian you should!!

    Laura Barnes
    Certified Payments Professional PayFurther.com
  • I have known Brian in both a personal and professional level for more than three years now. He is a highly gifted “full stack” programmer with demonstrated success spanning more than 20 years. He not only possesses the requisite programming skills to write and develop sophisticated code, but also has a creative mind to imagine new and innovative solutions to a wide range of business solutions. It is with the strongest recommendation that I endorse Brian.

    David Funk
    Founding Partner/CEO, DYC Resources Inc.
  • Brian is one of the best technical and business minded people I know. I would be honored to work with him on any project. He’s also uniquely multi-talented in myriad fields including professional sports and gourmet cooking, and he’s one of the most generous and kind people you’ll ever meet.

    Toby Krout
    Executive Director, Boomtown Accelerator


Brian Rodgers

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