About Me

Hi I’m Brian!

I write really cool stuff for really cool people and companies.  I have done work for the average person with a great idea with no technology skills whatsoever all the way up to large Billion dollar corporations and everything in between.  I am good at what I do, fun to work with and always produce the highest quality work, on time, and at a fair price. I have worked on over 300 technology related projects since 1996 and have even done work for some famous people and companies that are now household names.

I have a background in real estate and business development, however, for the past 17 years my full time focus has been on developing the technology to support interesting and innovative ideas of both individuals and organizations. I received a CIS degree when CIS degrees barely existed and I continue to learn every new language and technology that comes down the pike.  I am probably the most well rounded developer most of my clients have ever worked with as I know just about every language needed for 99.9% of any technology related project.

I am very busy but I always have time for interesting new projects and people.